Buttons: Prices


Qty 1-24 $1/each
Qty 25-49 $.50/each
Qty 50-99 $.40/each
Qty 100-249 $.30/each
Qty 250-499 $.27/each
Qty 500-999 $.25/each
Qty 1,000+ $.22/each


$2 on orders of up to 25 buttons.
Orders over 25 buttons, shipping is $4.

Setup Fee:

There is a $2 setup fee for each additional design. For example if you are ordering 60 buttons in which you want 20 buttons of 3 different designs the setup fee will be $4.

Rush Service:

$10. Order will ship in 2 days by USPS piroity mail. (Rush Service is not available on orders over 500 buttons.)