Otaku Fight!

The Cards

In Otaku Fight there are five types of cards: Character, Food, Items, Actions, and Prize cards. Below are examples of each.

These are the guys and gals of the Anime conventions.. the fans, the friends, the foes. Characters are the ones who duke it out in Otaku Fight.

To keep an Otaku alert and powered up only the finest in Asian snacks can do the trick! Without food the characters in the game cannot use their attacks.

These give Otaku special powers, can stop attacks, and many other crazy stuff.

Mysterious cards that give your Otaku awesome powers! Win them by defeating your oponent's characters. In the end the one with the most wins!

*NOTE* Pirate Monkey Press does not endorse physical acts of violence. We encourage more civil and respectable alternatives. Such as playing rock, paper, scissors or Otaku Fight to settle a dispute.