Otaku Fight!

The Concept

The idea of Otaku Fight! came after a late night of watching Genshiken and rummaging through my collection of Pokemon and MTG cards. "Wouldn't it be cool to have a card game about otaku?" I thought. Thus this parody CCG (Collectable Card Game) was born.

At Acen '07 I had a binder of roughly 100 mock-ups of different cards at the Pirate Monkey Press table in Artist Alley. It was really fun watching the reactions of people who stopped by and looked at them. So, thank you to everyone who commented.. it was great hearing all of the feedback!

Currently this project has reached a slow spot as work has gotten the best of me lately. However, as time allows I'm continuing to research for printers, figuring out the logistics of the rules, and looking for artists.

*NOTE* Pirate Monkey Press does not endorse physical acts of violence. We encourage more civil and respectable alternatives. Such as playing rock, paper, scissors or Otaku Fight to settle a dispute.