Otaku Fight!


Why the heck is glomp and attack?
These glomps are sneaky glomps and catch your opponent off guard... therefore they're stunned and taken aback. muhahaha

I have this awesome idea I think you should do!
That's awesome! If you want to help make this game better I'm all about hearing ideas! Feel free to send a message.

Can I draw a picture for a card?
Sure! Send me a message and I'll send you the list of cards that you can choose to draw.

I look friggin awesome in my cosplay costume! Can I be on a card?
You betcha! (please note.. this requires a model release to be signed.. if you are under 16 it must be signed by a parent or guardian.)

*NOTE* Pirate Monkey Press does not endorse physical acts of violence. We encourage more civil and respectable alternatives. Such as playing rock, paper, scissors or Otaku Fight to settle a dispute.