Otaku Fight!

Help Otaku Fight!

As with all collectable card games the artwork plays a major role in the game's success. If you're an artist or a cosplayer help make Otaku Fight the best it can be!

Artists: show off your mad skills be it drawings, illustrations, or even cute little crayon doodles. We'll even put your website on the lower corner of your picture so adoring fans know where to find more of your work.

Cosplayers: got a costume that matches the description of one of Otaku Fight's characters? What about funny poses? Here's the ultimate way to show off your costumes!

If you're interested please send a message!

*NOTE* Pirate Monkey Press does not endorse physical acts of violence. We encourage more civil and respectable alternatives. Such as playing rock, paper, scissors or Otaku Fight to settle a dispute.